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25 January 2014
Written by ligaflash

Isidro Cea

Rotterdam (Holanda), 1969


1 Passionate about photography, from a great landscape to the smallest macro. The portrait is his most comfortable place and the fantastic theme, is his shelter for creation because in that, all disciplines are combined into one single image.


2 His photographs have traveled the four Galician provinces and have been exposed in countless local Galician sites. The civic centers of Santiago de Compostela and surroundings were the first to exhibit some of his works of rural and urban landscapes. However, fantasy was always his aim and, in 2009, he took the leap with his first exhibition of imaginary subject until arriving at Anxos, demos e demais retratos Divinos de la Muerte in which he combined, under one title, those works that, with malice aforethought, agreed in thematic and aesthetic aspects. A sample that toured and continues traveling throughout Galicia and, that in 2014 is expected to cross borders. With this work, Isidro Cea has exhibited in venues as prestigious as the Torrente Ballester museum of Ferrol and Town Halls of Galicia.


3 In 2013 he presented two new exhibits: Odios y Diosas...y otros desagües de mi imaginación, which is a continuation of Anxos, demos e demais retratos Divinos de la Muerte and participates in the Outono Fotográfico of Ourense and Tratareite coma unha rosa, a work against domestic violence he presents together with two other photographers and a woman writer in the  sample De Berros e Olladas that will be moving throughout Galicia in 2014 and 2015. He also has done works for groups of folk, rock, corals and led his photographs to publications such as Interfolk. Currently, he also teaches introductory workshops to photography, creative photography and photoshop.


 Which of my photographs is my favorite one? One that I will take tomorrow.

Imogen Cunningham


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