25 January 2014
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Teté Delgado

Teté Delgado

Ferrol, 1965

1 She spent her childhood between Porriño and Malpica, the village of her father. As little girl, she wanted to be a scientist, but when she began to study Physics and Chemistry in high school, she changed her mind. She performed numerous jobs as actress and presenter, both within and outside the region of Galicia. She also has experience in radio, with programs like O Miradoiro  of the Galician Radio and La Jungla of Cadena 100.


2 Popularity arrived with a role in the series El Súper, broadcasted by Telecinco. She was a cashier, companion and friend of Julia, the protagonist (Natalia Millán). Since then she has continued to work in television and especially in theater. 

She collaborated as a judge in the TVE program ¡Mira quién baila! during the seven editions (2005-2009) of the public broadcaster, except the edition of Telecinco, being the eldest member of the jury


3 In 2005 she interpreted in the theater Gorda, based on a text by Neil LaBute, a fable about the importance we give to the appearances and the despicable is making fun of others for not conforming to the standards established by society. Together with Luis Merlo, Lidia Otón and Iñaki Miramón, the theater performance remained in the lineup during two years. Impossible to forget her involvement in films like Lisístrata with Maribel Verdú and La Monja of Luis de la Madrid.

4 She returned successfully to the Galician regional channel, TVG, presenting the musical contest Son de Estrelas, a program that was well received by the public. 

Between 2009 and 2011 she is protagonist, together with Pepe Viyuela and Asunción Balaguer, of the theater version of El Pisito, based on the screenplay by Rafael Azcona

Currently she is a vocalist in the group Teté y los Ciclones.


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