22 November 2010
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Liga Reumatolóxica Galega


1 The Galician Rheumatological League (Liga Reumatolóxica Galega) is a non-profit organization formed by people with rheumatological disease, their relatives and professionals who work with the aim of providing support and advice to the persons affected by a rheumatic disease and their families.

2 Since her formation in 1996, her activity is directed at improving the quality of life of people affected by any type of rheumatic disease. The Liga Reumatolóxica Galega represents the group of people affected by these diseases against the government and in society, in order to sensitize the public authorities and institutions, of the importance of research on new treatments to combat these illnesses.

It is called League instead of Association, because it encompasses the more than 200 existing rheumatic diseases.


3 The League is also a founding member of CONFEPAR (Spanish Confederation of Rheumatologic patients), an association that aims to bring together the efforts of local and regional associations.


Amongst her objectives figures: 


·        Asesorar a personas afectadas por enfermedades reumatológicas y a sus familias.

·    Raise awareness of society and public opinion of the importance of eradicating the myths around such ailments, as well as the early diagnosis. 

·        Promote and organize meetings, conferences and congresses on rheumatic diseases. 

·        Disseminate knowledge about research, prevention, treatment and prophylaxis of the disease and rehabilitation techniques of those affected


Since many years, the activity of Liga Reumatolóxica Galega, apart from the specified above, is linked to cultural, social and sports movements, aimed at improving social relationships and leisure activities.





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