The LigaFlash Project

The Galician Rheumatological League (Liga Reumatolóxica Galega) has contacted 13 Galician photographers asking each of them to give his/her vision of this group of affected people, trying to give greater importance to the daily activity rather than to the disease itself.

Members of the (Liga Reumatolóxica Galega) will be the models who will participate in sessions of the 13 professionals who have accepted this challenge.

This work will conclude with an exhibition that will tour the main Galician towns, will be released in a circuit that visits other Spanish towns and will travel to other European countries. The objectives of this initiative are essentially those of giving greater visibility to the Liga Reumatolóxica Galega and by extension, to all the members who compose it.


Photographers who work in the Project

Anxo Rey

Daniel Candal

Daniel Fernández

Emilio Romanos

Gerardo G. Mourín

Isidro Cea

Juan Luís Rúa

Kike González

Marga P. Díaz

Marisela Somoza

Mercedes López

The Galician Rheumatological League

The Liga Reumatolóxica Galega is a non -profit organization, formed by people with rheumatological illnesses, their relatives and professionals. It works with the aim of providing support and advice to the person affected by a rheumatic disease and to all the family and social environment of that person.






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